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    Your path to a wrinkle-free tomorrow!
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    Your path to a wrinkle-free tomorrow!
  • DrAesthetics
    Your path to a wrinkle-free tomorrow!

Welcome to the Practice of Dr. Cecilia Castles

Dr. Castles is a distinguished medical practitioner with a career that began with her qualification from the University of Pretoria in 1999. With over 24 years of experience in general practice, Dr. Castles has established herself as a trusted professional dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services.

Aesthetic Medicine:

Dr. Castles specializes in wrinkle injections, showcasing an impressive track record since 2007. Her dedication to excellence is evident through her steadfast emphasis on proven techniques and trusted products, steering clear of experimental procedures, and prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of her patients.

Comprehensive Expertise:

In addition to her expertise in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Castles brings her extensive experience to the realm of general practice. Over the years, she has successfully treated a myriad of cases, including acne, minor skin lesions (such as warts and skin tags), and pre-cancerous skin lesions (solar keratosis).

Consultation and Treatment

Dr. Castles welcomes you to schedule a consultation to discuss your individual needs and explore the best course of action for your health and aesthetic goals.
The following problems can be addressed at this practice:

  • Wrinkles (botulinus toxin injection treatment)
  • Acne
  • Minor skin lesions evaluation and cryotherapy

For those interested in wrinkle treatment injections, Dr. Castles offers the convenience of scheduling these procedures on the same day as the initial consultation, streamlining the process for those with busy schedules.
Wrinkle treatment areas:

  • - Frown lines
  • - Forehead lines
  • - Crows Feet
  • - Bunny lines
  • - Masseter Muscle (jaw clenching)
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